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Anxiety. What does an Astrologer say?

Astrology is an extremely deep and dark topic dealing with psychology. This has been validated by Carl Jung the grandfather of psychology whom was working with a prominent astrologers during his time.

  1. We are born with / conditioned to feel anxious

  2. We can never stop the feeling of feeling anxious

  3. We can build up consistent effort to control the feelings of anxiety

Why do I say we are born with or conditioned to feel anxious? If you notice my 3 lines. They are all to do with feelings and emotions. Our feelings come from this almond shaped thing called Amygdala and it processes our emotions. Everyone's amygdala is of different size and how has this got to do with Anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling of anxiousness, where there are several symptoms depending on severity.

  1. Difficulty in concentrating

  2. Easily Irritable

  3. Difficulty in controlling your thoughts relating to what has yet to happen.

The more we have our emotions involve growing up, the bigger the amygdala grows. It co-relates to how well the Moon (representing emotions) is aspected. Below is my Astrology Natal Chart. Generate yours at any astrology web, it's free. Alternative you can have me do it for you.

If you are not familiar with Astrology, the circled out portion in the triangle table are called aspects (The connection between planet A and planet B). As you observe, my Moon has many connections with other planets while my mercury is almost none existent. My amygdala is at a substantial size because of my constant anxious feelings, fears, my inner most security. Amygdala also causes behavioural issues like violence. So yes, I am prone to violence when triggered growing up. Does that mean I am a bad person? Yes and maybe not. I lack self control due to lack of self understanding, care and love. Moon represents the connection with mother figure or mother herself including grandmother or even mother in laws and last of all, your identity as a mother or your wife. I grew up seeing my grandmother as depressed and often anxious and suicidal. She would call the entire family in to tell us about her suicide. I realised I had this tendency of suicide when I was 14 which got me thinking, is this genetic? My mother had similar issues, so has all her sisters. During my 1 year in psychotherapy and counselling, I came to realise it actually is genetics and through astrology I determined that life as it is, we are faced with challenges because the chart is pre determined and formed when you take your first breath. With the moon in Aries, my emotions come hard and fast. I get excited easily. I get triggered if things are slow. That is just me and others have to accept me for who I am and not me changing for who they want me to be. This sentence sounds extremely narcissistic and selfish but let me explain. How can and how has astrology helped me with that? I gained self acceptance. I learned how to deal cope with my emotions. I learned self care. I learned that I have to accept others as who they are. NOT who I want them to be. The most selfless behaviour one can have is to be acceptance of who others are. If we cant accept or be accepted by others, we stay true to our nature because that is us. A professional astrology consult helps deal with childhood traumas. Guides us through our inherent problems that we face when dealing / working with others. This includes letting go of others as well but we also teach and help you deal with the guilt. Humans are complex. We either suffer at the expense everyone around us or we could grow and help others. There is great deal of benefits when we work ourselves.

  1. We become more fulfilled as an individuals

  2. People around us are happy

  3. There is trust within relationships

I am Dave, a professional astrologer that has gone through childhood parental issues like a human. I survived anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts though I attempted once when I was 18. I am a divorced father with 3 children under my care and responsibility. Gentle in my approach. I will fight with you, for you. ❤️

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