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Relationships based on Astrology and Numerology.What you should know before or after committing.

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Results from metaphysics are statistics studied and results proven. Some people have a certain set of believes while some have a certain behavioural traits which can be seen from the chart. Majority of us humans wants to have a partner committed for the remaining years we have yet to live. A projection for the future is always a good thing but we have to determine is it an over idealistic dream that may not come through or it is a goal that we seek to achieve through our efforts and hard work? Basing on personal experiences and how I have grown to be, I will be sharing various thoughts of the how and why it happens. The importance of decision makings and choices to be made is still for the individual to decide. From a very young age, I have seen my parents fighting and its considered aggressive fights. Furnitures including doors were often smashed and things were destroyed and these can be seen in other connections between planets in Astrological terms but I will share the simplest identification which is the opposition as to how I experience them where Sun generally represents the father / father figure while Moon is the mother / mother figure in our life.

The sharp red line denotes a very strong opposition where I experience them as conflicting although it is out of sign (I will not explain this because of technicality and this article is not meant to address technicals of a chart)

Whenever we have an opposition in the chart, we will find that another person is creating a problem or challenging us. Although the Sun represents our father, it is also ourself and while the moon would represent my emotions, I often had arguments with my dad and it triggers a lot of other issues within the chart itself while if we flip it around that the moon represents my mother, I do have a lot of disagreements with her and find her too extreme in every case and I experience her as crazy and explosive which is why they are always fighting literally and these traumas do not just go away and when it triggered other parts of the chart, it also meant triggering defensive mechanisms to protect myself and so would every single one of us. It will be dependent on our experiences and what is the planetary configurations that can have us cope and "survive" the ordeal. Similarly, if you are a man, the moon would represent the wife where it meant that there will be a lot of issues coming from the self and experiencing the partner as creating problems while if you are a female, the Sun would represent your husband which would do almost exactly what the opposing does between the father and the mother. Does that sound like doom for marriage? As of now, my answer will be yes and there will be certain reasonings behind it but I will also be sharing what is and can be done dependent on your chart and or with the partner's chart. My mother has always been the one raising the divorce for more than 15 years while my father would be the one trying to keep the stability and structure of the family unit intact refusing to do so although I have always encouraged him to so that we can all move on because it has been mentally strenuous for everyone within the family. Why is he so insistent and going so strongly to hold on to the family "status"? Because he is born a Capricorn and they are the ones that seek after stability and structures in life. With a Capricorn in 10th house, Status / achievement is exceptionally important to him which is why he does not want to get a divorce. I must emphasise, time plays crucial role in our life and events happening externally is often reflecting our inner world. It is not as easy as it is as we all know life throws us challenges after challenges but have you wondered why? Base on my own experiences as a metaphysician, I have studied various school of metaphysics which predicts similar fashion of events. It is only when we are able to let go of certain fears and the need / beliefs that we hold on to, we are able to reborn or transform into a higher being. This is also when Pluto was discovered in our solar system. Eventually my parents got a divorce and it was quite ugly. One would never expect an Aries (the moon A.K.A my mother) to come banging on the door with documents ready to be signed forcing my dad to sign while sitting my kids 3, 6 and 9 in front of them while having a somewhat heated arguments. What do you think happened? He signed with a heavy heart but he knew he had to let go and that was at the age when he was around 60. Lets have a quick look at his numerology chart

His root number is 7 which meant he has a lot of friends and supporters while it would also attract a lot of backstabbers because he was nice to everyone. Each section of the chart represents a section of our life. 7 which is the root will be activated around 35 and while 4 8 and the end represents age beyond 45. So the stories goes, he was actively travelling for short periods to various parts of the world to do business, was well recognised and well liked by people generally but after 45 he started staying for longer periods and came home less. In numerology, 4 8 or 8 4 is a representation of physical separation which was indeed happening

of due to the time spent overseas rather than with his spouse. There are interpretations as to how we derive it but I will not be discussing the technicals in this post. I was going through a lot at that point in time. I had a certain thoughts and had often kept myself wondering why did my dad not divorce earlier? sn't it tiring to fight till the end where you kept holding on to something that is clearly not working? It struck me that his 4 8 was at the end of the chart which explains why he divorce at a very late stage of his life. Incidentally or maybe that is life that we are meant to go through a certain phase for growth. I was in similar arguments with my then wife and wanted a divorce. She has double set of 4 where her root number is 8 which starts after 35 while I had a set of 8 4 also triggered around at 35 on the side of the chart. The overlay of our chart does not have very good synergy that could work well together as to what Astrologers call it the Synastry chart. As someone who believed we can control our fate I think this is a funny side story that is relatable to metaphysics. I was under massive stress due to business and work and decided to seek a palmist outside of a temple. Let out my palm for reading, instantly he turns to my wife and told her not to marry me because I would have 2 wives. I was kind of in shock but it was stupidly funny. Although I had only learned numerology and saw the separation numbers, I do believe genuinely back then, we can control what we want for our lives and divorce was never going to happen for us. Upon learning various metaphysics and now specialise in Astrology, I knew I was very wrong and I decided to dedicate my time to find answers that can help people going through crises in relationship / partnerships. In short, if you see separation numbers at the early or middle part of the chart, it is ideal to marry after 35. Some will prefer to remain single while some will find another partner that is more suitable after understanding ourselves better. I dated the only girl for 7 years before I got married for another 10 but Saturn has not returned before my marriage in my chart and it happens to everyone at around the age of 28-29 years old. Upon Saturn return, we start to identify our life goals and we are likely to change our life's direction dependent on the Natal Chart but majority of us humans are resistant to change and Saturn's effect take a few years to culminate. So what happens if you have the separation numbers at a late stage in life? It is a spiritual number. Go for more serious meditation approach or do spiritual work where it will ease off the tension between yourself and your partner. It also makes letting go and understanding life's mysteries better if eventually it ends up with a separation. There are other number patterns that indicates separation but as a relationship coach and spiritual practitioner, my best advise is to work out and heal our traumas which could possibly lead you to be more authentic to yourself in order to allow positive attraction for the right people in our life for a more meaningful and positive connection. Even though it may eventually lead to a separation at the end, it may be a more mutual and less of a need to involve people around you especially when you have children. What one must recognise and accept was, the partner that stayed with you for as long as it could, must have truly loved you but the demonic battles are fought alone with a partner acting as a guide. Recognise that when two people are truly together, they want the best for each other regardless yet sometimes it just does not seem to work out well. Eventually relationships of all kind especially a marriage leads us to be the next higher self through challenges leading to growth while some are more meant for introspective learning that after a failed relationship. Find out from what you are meant to learn through an Astrology Chart reading and have a more fulfilling relationship through more directive efforts and the ability to really step up to letting go if and when the need arises because Pluto is always a very fearful thing and we don't want the energies of Uranus to come in creating a ruckus and destroy everyone without warning. I sincerely hope this article is useful and successfully reaching out to people who are facing relationship dilemmas. If you have come to the end of this, you might have gotten some insights on what needs to be done but if unsure, do contact me for more insight and information. Take care.

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