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How to be an effective parent especially if you are into Astrology or Metaphysic?

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Parents never once don't want the best for their children regardless of their circumstances be it financially or in the educational terms. Best to have both and everything but not every family has the luxury of such yet we still want the best for them as much as we can provide purely because of a connection or the special bond. I personally have 2 boys and the youngest being a girl. If you a parent, has it ever crossed your mind what you want best for your kids or at the very least think it is best for them is in fact what you personally think? This happens to majority of humans out there because it is ingrained into our subconscious behaviours without much realisation and so the generation of how thing should be is passed down generations after generations until someone actually breaks the cycle by wanting to be who they really want to be seen as and it can be seen from the family tree of their chart. Usually its where they might rebel vigorously towards authority and structures which often causes a lot of traumatic experiences for the kid and family because the child is often passed off as a problem child whom actually just knows what he wants but denied. You might explore and try categorising them of being born an Indigo child, rainbow child in the making or a crystal child and not forgetting him / her to be someone great in the making and paving a new growth for society because he is born with master numbers which is honestly can be difficult experience for both parents and the child because they are an entirely different breed that can't be tamed or controlled. Master numbers are 11 and 22 and if you sum up your date of birth or born on either of these days you are a master number person. Something to note is the 4 Stages of pinnacles that is different for every root number and the cycle is different which allows the growth differently. The cycle looks like the table below and you might realise, life is never at the same starting point.

With someone being born a mercury retrograde and the progress mercury going direct somewhere in life sparks different chang in expression. I will not be sharing technicals here but I will be sharing in future posts on technicals of Astrology. For now, just bear in mind. that when a time comes for a person to grow, either internal realisation or sometimes external event forcing a change or allowing the realisation to occur. Learning to be patient and showing love is the key. I am sure you have heard of the great conjunction where Saturn and Jupiter is conjunct. For the last 200 years, they are conjunct every 20 years in the earthly signs which are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo and the reason why we call it the great conjunction is when it marks the end of the 200 year cycle. Saturn and Jupiter is now officially conjunct in the Air era which started off with Aquarius and next to Libra followed by Gemini in 2060. This has every difference to be made especially in how we manage and understand kids. While we were in the earth signs, the monetary possessions, structures and stability including fame were sort after and our grandparents did so to our parents and them doing the same to us by pushing us for higher education in other to gain material success which will be the you right now doing the same thing over again to your kids. Have you realised there are many who specialise in what they do yet they are unhappy because a part of them is denied and living out the shadow side and during the mid life crisis usually begins at 39. And only if they are brave enough to work themselves out and possible start fresh with the skills they have gained and become the real shining star after 44 or 45. In order for effective parenting, the main tip is to love them for who they are and want to become. Our role and job as a parent is to support them and see the seed grow to the fullest potential rather than most selfishly think what is best for them. We might be able to discover their passions through their chart but they must be the one willing to step it up and take t rather than forcing them because they would possibly reject what you think is good and do something else that doesn't do so well for a period before coming to a realisation what they really want. It is old folks way of saying, if you love a person you love him for who they are be it what their weaknesses are and we never try to change it because we can never invoke change in anyone but only they have the capabilities in themselves to do so. We stand by them to encourage them and shower them with tender loving care hoping one day they sprout into an enormous strong tree or maybe a beautiful plant with beautiful flowers. So if you are a parent reading this and resonate with me, maybe it is time to reassess your goals and aspiration for your kids because age of aquarian will likely make you realise that all the monetising of the world will likely to change after the financial crisis. Recognise that every human individual is very unique with various skillsets to make changes to the world for everyone be it big or small. We hone them in what they can achieve and hone them to have basic fishing skills.

So My eldest is a Leo with 3 planets in Libra and a Uranus in Pisces. He has indicated interests in music and started guitar lessons at 7 but did not really practice due to various reasons. I allowed him to stop but has been encouraging him more into the arts especially drawing since that might be the simplest way to spur his interest. It didn't go so well until he explored digital Art which is the Neptune in Aquarius! I never know what his exact potential can truly but often encouragement and exploration will get him to be more receptive and confident to work on something that create a possibility area of interest and potential. His entire early age could be seen as a boy lacking in confidence and in terms of the basic education system and was always lost and unsure of himself and is confused and literally seeing time zoom past him without doing anything literally. Interestingly, when Saturn entered his first house as transit, he became very independent and started doing his own revisions and putting in more efforts and be serious in his work. That was a lot through encouragement and pep talks instead of raising my voice or using force because kids understand it is their own fault but we as parents is often overly concern while we have our own psychological barriers to work on. When the time comes (when a planet comes into contact) everyone has equal opportunity to grow depending on the circumstance and upbringing. We can somewhat understand a little of what they might be good at through an Astrology Chart reading and guide them when the time comes but through encouragement and working their fears out, we can help them to gain confidence in their very own little ways. In the earlier section, I have also mentioned about passing down of issues from generations. If you read my previous post, you might have also realised I am a Virgo and 7th house is strong with some 8th house placement. Which is also similarly a kid will be similar to either parent and gain their strength and weaknesses. We often look at them and see ourselves.if you noticed but please do not let that be a reason to control them though! If you would like to understand or help kids find their passion, have a look into their chart. If you are not confident, find a professional. Remember Love them for who they are not who you want them to be thinking you know best! Virgos can be very good nag!

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