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White Sand and Stone

Connecting Lines . Fulfilling Lives

Empower Yourself . Be Yourself


About Me

Combining Astrology with psychology, I help people be authentic through revelations of their inner self and desires.  
Discover how you can be yourself without being judged. 

Embody your flaws like a shining light! 
Shine your strengths like a dazzling star!  

"Better late than never but the earlier the better. Your journey to fulfillment starts here"

I Readings I

Open Book

Birth Chart Reading

Determine the potential possibilities that one can have in a given lifetime. Knowing the shadow self and holistic approach for directions to find fulfillment for the soul.

Relationship Astrology

What potential qualities the “right one” should possess. A better understanding of your relationship with your partner and others. 

Predictive Astrology

Prediction of potential events could affect your mental and emotional health through different areas of your lives within a 2 year period.

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